What we can do for you

Memories On The Move offers a variety of services which can be customized to meet your needs, and are designed to provide a smooth transition. For most clients it is a great relief to learn that the Senior Move Manager has many resources, and can find a good home for anything left behind.

Seven steps to success:

1. Evaluation

We will meet with you to discuss our services, and evaluate your unique requirements.

2. Proposal

We will then create an individualized proposal based on your specific needs.

3. Review

We will review your new space, and create a floor plan for the move. We can assist in the determination of which furniture is to be moved, as well as its placement in the new home.

4. Sorting and packing (this is the most difficult time)

We can organize and sort the contents of the home, and we will be with you to help you decide what does, and does not, get moved. Once the sorting is complete, we can assist in the packing for the move. Items to be left behind will be transferred to heirs, sold, donated, or simply discarded.

5. The actual move

We can recommend and coordinate the movers, and shippers, as needed.
All subcontractors have liability insurance.
We will assist in the placement of furniture, as well as unpacking, organizing, and making your new residence into a home.

6. The old residence

We can get the home cleaned out, professionally cleaned, and sell the property also.

7. Out of area moves

Senior Move Managers often work together, with one Manager at each end of the move.

It is this process that will successfully move your loved one’s memories to their new home. It is your Senior Move Manager who will be the point of contact for client, family, and caregivers, in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Following the death of a loved one, the added burden of removing household furnishings, and shutting down the home, can be overwhelming. Memories On The Move can reduce the stress by helping the grieving family sort, and dispose of belongings, clean out the house, and prepare it for resale.

A special moment lasts only a second, but the memories can live on forever.
Let us give you the memories that will be with you forever.