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Over the last several months you have been pouring over plans, hiring the best architect, contractor, and designer, you can find. Major decisions are needed every step of the way—kitchen cabinets, flooring, lighting, landscaping, etc. The list is overwhelming and can go on and on. In fact, it will go on and on for the entire duration of the renovation.

But WAIT something is missing. Where are you going to live while your house is practically leveled, and until the home of your dreams is fully completed? Where are you going to put EVERYTHING that belongs in your home during this time? How are you going to get everything SORTED, PACKED and MOVED by that certain date that has been circled on your calendar for the last 2 months? The answer to these questions is simple.

From finding you a short term stay, to packing everything, moving it into storage, and returning everything to your newly renovated home, Memories On The Move Inc. is there for you. We can even unpack, and also remove all of those boxes.

You still have to pick the best team to work with you when constructing the home of your dreams, and Memories On The Move Inc. should be part of that team. We can make it easier for you to spend your time dealing with the difficult decisions.

The easy decision is to contact Memories On The Move Inc.

No one should have to do this alone.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.